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DBMail: fast, scalable IMAP email server

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DBMail in a nutshell

Dbmail is an open source IMAP server-side email solution.

DBMail allows you to handle all e-mail traffic within your organisation more smoothly and swiftly.

Dbmail combines the best features of a mail system with the power of a database system. Added to this are an abundance of advanced capabilities, security by design, excellent scalablity, low maintenance costs and great support options.

For most organisations e-mail is one of the most used tools of communication, both internally and externally. It is an efficient and cost effective way of direct communication with a large group of co-workers, clients etc.

DBMail helps you to handle and organise your email flows gracefully, reducing information overload and improving your organisation's effectiveness.

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DBMail 3.0.0 final released After years of development and testing 3.0.0 has finally been released. Stay tuned to DBMail's development effort
DBMail 2.3 technology preview The DBMail team is proud to announce the availability of DBMail 2.3.0, the first release in the new development cycle.
Scalability paper NFG has written a paper detailing a design for scaling DBMail up to millions of users.
DBMail 2.2 released! DBMail 2.2 features a fast and robust IMAP server, LDAP integration and advanced Sieve filtering capabilities.

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